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Individual/Family Health Insurance
(purchasing your own health insurance)
Health Care Reform

When can you get coverage?

Beginning April 1, 2014, an individual can only purchase health insurance during open enrollment, unless you experience a qualifying event. If you have health insurance benefits available at your place of employment, ask your human resource department when your open enrollment period is. If you want to purchase your own health insurance outside of your employer, open enrollment runs from November 15 through February 15 every year.

What are your options?

Starting in 2014, all new health insurance plans must be ACA compliant. To be compliant they must fall into 4 metal tiers of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum coverage and all must have benefits to cover ambulatory services, emergency services, hospitalization, maternity, mental health, prescription drugs, rehabilitive services, laboratory services, preventive care and pedicatric dental/vision services. The difference between the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers will by your out of pocket exposure, the more precious the metal, the less out of pocket expenses you will have such as deductibles and copays.

What's the cost?

Due to richer benefits (the above list), rates for health insurance are going up, however regardless of whether you get your health insurance from your employer, Medicaid, Medicare or you purchase your own ccoverage, most people will not have to pay more than 9.5% of your household income, and in many cases less than that. Through health care reform, premium assistance is available to individuals and families earning up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. That means assitance is available to individuals earning up to $45,960 and a family of four earning up to $94,200 per year. To see if you may be eligible for premium assistance, use this tool. To quote health insurance yourself:

Priority Health  

How do you get coverage?

While you can purchase health insurance directly through insurance companies and even the government marketplace website, using a trusted professional advisor doesn't cost a penney more. Rockford Insurance is licensed and certified in the State of Michigan and the Federal Marketplace. Your satisfaction is our top priority and our service continues as long as your health insurance does. Give us a call at 616-361-2550 or contact us here.

Qualifying Events

One of the new rules of Health Care Reform is that all health insurance plans must have one time each year that you can purchase or make changes to your coverage, which is called open enrollment. In able to make a change to existing health insurance coverage outside of open enrollment, there must be a "quaifying event". Examples of qualifying events would be:

  • A loss of coverage, such as losing employer based coverage.

  • Moving outside of your current plan's network or rating area.

  • Adding or deleting plan members due to marriage, divorce, birth, death or loss of eligibility.

Contact Information:
Rockford Insurance in Michigan
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Phone 616.361.2550
The Rockford Insurance promise that gives peace of mind

Our mission is to make insurance "a promise that gives peace of mind". We understand that insurance is a promise, a promise that when sickness, accident or death occurs, the insurance will provide a source of funds to help make you whole again. The promise isn't only the insurnace policy but also the on-going service and personal care needed during a time such as this.  
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